The ancient history, culture and tradition of Kerala has found acceptance among many people all over the world, and the most important among them is the Ayurveda.
South India ayurveda is renowned all over the world for its miraculous healing properties, both for body, mind and soul. This eternal vedic science of life, more than 5000 years old originated in Kerala and has now spread all over the world and has become a leading branch of natural healing system that cures both mind and body related problems. The word ‘ayurveda’ means ‘knowledge of life’ and hence it is the secret of happy and healthy life, that is believed to have passed down from Brahma himself, the creator of this universe. Since then it has been passed down through generations but have still retained its original charm and effective healing properties. Even today it forms the basis of many medical systems and makes use of many natural techniques and herbs to cure various ailments of body and mind. Today it has become of special significance due to the rising hectic and unhealthy lifestyles of the modern world.

Kerala being the birth place of this ancient science of life, is still considered the best place to avail of ayurvedic treatments. It is considered to be the home of the original eight vaidhyas (doctors) who popularized this science and cured millions of people even before the advent of modern medicine. Its humid weather is another major reason why the treatment is considered to be most effective here. Humidity opens up the pores of the body and hence the natural herbs seem to absorb pretty well in the body, thereby increasing its effectiveness. It is a combination of proper and healthy diet, exercise and other methods like massage to create a wholeness of life. It is based on the principle that every individual has a unique constitution and vital energies, the disequilibrium of which causes problems in their mind or body. Hence through its various techniques it aims to restore that equilibrium so that the wholeness is maintained. There are eight specific fields that comprises Ayurveda and they are – general medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, treatment of head and neck, surgery, toxicology, rejuvenation therapy and reproductive therapy. However there are many other ailments and diseases that it can treat. There are different techniques and methods which are used according to the requirements.

Kerala is one of the most popular destinations in the world for Ayurvedic treatments. There are hundreds of spas, ayurvedic treatment centers and resorts that cater to a large number of patients. It has modified many treatments to suit the specific needs of the patients and their requirements however the basic principle remains the same. There are also many ayurvedic colleges, research and study centers established to teach and popularize this subject. For ages ayurveda has cured man of different illness and ailments and has provided him a healthy way of life. Even today it continues to do so. Hence it is not just a branch of medicine, but a way of healthy lifestyle.


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