Kerala is one of the most culturally rich states of India and boasts of one of the most ancient and vibrant cultures of the country. It is a synthesis of both Aryan and Dravadian cultures, which are the two main cultures of India. People of different religion, races and ethnic groups contribute towards the wholeness of its culture which makes it rich and distinct. It has survived through ages and withstood all the challenges of history to emerge as one of the most vibrant cultures of India. South India Culture manifests itself in the form of different art forms like dances, music, architecture, martial arts, festivals, literature, sports and its lovely people.

Art forms – Kerala is the originating place of many art forms like traditional Indian classical dances, music, drama and martial arts. Its art forms can be classified into the following categories – temple art, dance forms, music, martial arts, stage shows, sculpture and painting. Temple art is a unique feature of Kerala’ culture which is a mixture of music, dance and drama blended in mythology. Some of its popular temple art are Koodiyattom, Mohiniyattom, Kathakali, Thullal etc. The dance forms are also of various types like folk dances, religious dances and martial art dances. The superior face painting of dancers, especially Kathakali dancers are exclusive to this state.

Festivals and sports – Kerala celebrates some of the most vibrant and elaborate festivals in the whole of India. Its festivals are a unique blend of religion, mythology and tradition. Onam is the most popular festival which is celebrated in the month of August- September and lasts for about 10 days. Other important festivals are Vishu, Navaratri, Vela, Pattu etc. The temple festivals popularly known as Poorams are another specialty of this state. Each region has its own special temple and a unique festival associated with it. Kerala is also famous for its different kinds of sports especially the boat races. The boat races are of various kinds and also a very prestigious event.

Monuments and architecture- In ancient days Kerala was home to many popular and mighty kings and nobles, the legacy of which is found in its beautiful monuments like palaces, forts, temples etc. Palaces dating as far as 14th century are found out here. Some of its famous palaces are the Krishnapuram Palace adorned by beautiful Mural paintings built in the 18th century, the Dutch Palace built by the Portuguese in 1557, the Hill Palace, Poonjar Palace, Koyikkal Palace and many more.

People – The people of Kerala are very friendly, warm and hospitable. They belong to different religions and tribes. Some of the most prominent religions are Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Some of the prominent tribes of this state are Irular, Mudukar, Kumbar, Urali, Mannan, Thodar etc. They are involved in occupations like farming, fishing, carpentry, snake charmer, black smithy, priesthood and other temple works, traders, astrologers, bamboo workers, cobblers, tree climbers, singers, pappad maker etc. Besides these traditional occupations people are also involved in government and other private services.


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