Kerala heartily accepted as the god’s own country is a worth visiting state in western India. It has been renowned one among the “50 places of a lifetime” and “ten paradise of the world” by N.G.T.M (National Geographic Traveler Magazine). The beauty and the charm of the state are indescribable. Compare to other Indian states, Kerala lies closer to the equator. The rich natural heritage makes the state itself an ideal destination for tourists. Kerala experiences pleasant and enjoyable climate round the year. It is an all season destination and come across three major season winter, summer and monsoon. Each season has its own charm. The temperature in South India ranges from 28 degree to 32 degree Celsius (82 degree F to 90 degree F). The three major seasons of the paradise of the south are discussed below. 

Winter season in Kerala begins from the month of November and remains till the end of March. These months are also absolutely an ideal time for visit. The weather condition remains pleasant, mild and cool. It is a perfect time to explore the enchanting hill stations, sun kissed beaches and unique fairs and festivals. The temperature falls up to minimum 18 degree and maximum 28 degree Celsius. Average rainfall during this season is 25 mm. Christmas and the Muslim festivals fall on winter month and make it worth visiting. During this month’s tourists can explore. If you are willing to visit Kerala in winter months than one must plan early and book hotels in advance as it is an ideal time for visit.

Suggestions: If you are planning to make your travel to the hill stations than it is highly recommended for the tourists to carry woolen clothes as there will be cold in the evening time where temperature often falls below 10 degree Celsius.

Winter is followed by summer seasons. As soon as the February ends, summer begins. From the very beginning of the month of March summer begins and ends in May. In compare to other states of India where the temperature rises up to 40 degree Celsius, summers in Kerala are cool and pleasant. The average temperature in summer in Kerala is minimum 32 degree and maximum is 36 degree Celsius. Average rainfall in during this season is 135 mm.
It is the right time to visit the sun kissed beaches and experience numbers of water sports. Summer seasons are the best months for beach lovers. Little showers and thunder are the uniqueness of this season.

Kerala experiences two different monsoons seasons which are South west monsoon and North east monsoons. South west monsoon remains to be the main rainy season which begins from the last week of May or early June. Situated on the windward side of the Western Ghats, Kerala is the first state to be hit by the monsoon winds and receives abundant rainfall. The average temperature is minimum 19 degree Celsius and maximum 30 degree Celsius. The average rainfall is 2250 to 2500 mm. North east monsoon is the return of the South west monsoon and is also called as Retreating monsoon. It appears in the month of October and remains till last December. The average temperature in this monsoon is minimum 29 degree and maximum 35 degree Celsius. Average rainfall is 450 to 500 mm.